Public Sector Reform Unit

Office of the President, 8 Wesley Street, Freetown

African Development Bank (AfDB)

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Public Financial Management and Business Enabling Support Project (PFMBESP).

Local Government PFM capacity strengthened; capacity of accountability and integrity institutions strengthened; capacity of private sector development institutions strengthened; support to small and medium scale enterprises enhanced and doing business reform action plan implemented; SL EITI audit and reconciliation reports on mining revenue regularly published; and an autonomous National Mineral Agency established and equipped with a functioning geological laboratory. The project which is estimated at UA 40 million will strengthen the capacity of key institutions involved in public financial management and private sector development namely: MOFED, the nineteen local councils ASSL, ACC, MoTI, SLEITI, and SLIEPA.

In recognition of the need for PFM reforms, the Government with the support of development partners formulated an Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Program (IPFMRP, 2009-2013) and Action Plan.

The program has been supported by the development partners through budget support and capacity building projects since it was launched.

The PFM Action Plan is jointly monitored by the Government and donors. The 2010 PEFA assessment identified weak capacity of PFM institutions, especially at the local government level, as an area requiring priority action. The capacity of private sector development institutions also remains weak, thereby creating a gap in developing the conditions for competitive and diversified economy necessary for inclusive economic growth, employment generation and poverty reduction. The project is needed at this point in time to consolidate the gains that have been attained in public financial management, particularly strengthening the devolution of fiscal responsibilities to local councils; as well as enhance the outcomes of the Bank’s Economic Governance Reform Program (EGRP II).

The proposed project will build on the previous Bank’s supported reform and capacity building efforts and complement other development partners’ capacity building projects in Sierra Leone. The Bank added value in supporting this project derives from a number of factors namely: (i) experience gained in implementing three ISPs and policy based operations in Sierra Leone, whose lessons learnt have been fed into the design of this project; (ii) the Bank’s experience in public sector governance in fragile states that will serve as guiding post for the implementation of the extractive industries governance component of this project; and (iii) the Bank’s strengthened field presence (SLFO) would contribute to share knowledge and experience between peers in the continent

The program will contribute to knowledge building in the area of public financial management in fragile states, especially at local government level. It will enhance the level of technical knowledge, and competencies in the specialized audit. The provision of a functional geological laboratory will expand the knowledge of nationals in managing mineral resources

The Bank will capture and disseminate knowledge through monitoring and evaluation and Project Completion Report

The AfDB in 2011 supported the Records Management Improvement Team (RMIP) in the Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU) in carrying out an evidenced-based nation-wide teacher verifications exercise to ascertain the exact number of teachers on the GoSL payroll.