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Commonwealth Forum for Government Ministries and Senior Civil Servants

Commonwealth Forum for Government Ministries and Senior Civil Servants

The Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU) in collaboration with the Governance and Institutional Development Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat will be organising a three-day forum of Government Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Permanent Secretaries on the priorities and operations of Government with a view to, amongst others, understanding the importance of leadership roles, negotiation skills and values that are required for the achievement of our national development objectives.


The workshop which will be held from the 13-15 September 2010 at the Miatta Conference Centre will serve as a forum of orientation for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries by providing them the necessary instruments to enhance their effectiveness.

The workshop will also enable Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Department to discuss issues pertaining to the performance of their duties and their leadership role, learn from the experiences of other countries, and formulate strategies that will enable them lead the transformation of the country to the desired level as articulated in our Agenda for Change and other related reform programmes. Among the key facilitators will be:

  • Justice Joseph Warioba – Former Chief Justice and Prime Minister of Tanzania
  • Mr. Steven Oronsaye – Head of Civil Service of the Federation of Nigeria
  • Mr. Joe Issachar – Former Head of Civil Service of Ghana
  • Mr. John Wilkins – Director, Governance and Institutional Development Division, Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Dr. Kaifala Marah – Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Prof A.R. Dumbuya, Strategy and Policy Unit, Office of the President

Julius F. Sandy (DR)
Public Sector Reform Unit
Office of the President