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Nation-wide Teacher Verification Exercise

Nation-wide Teacher Verification Exercise

The Teachers’ Records Management Improvement Programme wishes to announce that it has nearly completed verification visits in the Freetown Urban Area and has commenced visits to the rural and peninsular schools. The verification Project is committed to interviewing every teacher delivering service in government and/or government-assisted schools in the country. The Project kindly requests school authorities to provide information on any school the verification teams have not visited, so that the teams can visit the schools they are missing from data sources.

We understand that there are teachers delivering services in schools not approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, but are receiving salaries from the government payroll from an approved government funded school. It would be helpful if such details are passed on to the verification teams.

We also ask people to perform the civic duty of supporting what is right and come forward if they have intelligence. Any information so acquired will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Contact the Teachers’ Records Management Improvement Programme, Public Sector Reform Unit on 077-712887 / 076-235043 or visit us at 8 Wesley Street, Off Pademba Road Freetown and at our workspace on