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Management and Functional Review (MFR) of he Ministry of Transport and Aviation 2018

December 31, 2018 -

Management and Functional Review Reports

Management and Functional Review (MFR) of he Ministry of Transport and Aviation 2018

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation (MTA) of the Republic of Sierra Leone expressed its commitment to strengthen its oversight, monitoring and supervisory functions. To achieve this overarching goal, the Ministry solicited the thematic expertise of the Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU) with the complimentary support of the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) to conduct a Management and Functional Review with critical attention to the proposed ‘Policy, Planning and Monitoring Unit’ and ‘’ Government Fleet Management Unit’’ to be charged with the responsibility for effective implementation of the National Fleet Management Policy, ranging from procurement, maintenance and usage to disposal. It is imperative that a comprehensive review of this nature is conducted to improve on service delivery in line with international best practices.

This report provides the findings and recommendations deduced from the Management and Functional Review (MFR) concluded. After critical assessment of the proposed changes to the operational function of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, the review report has affirmed that the suggested restructuring to including two Units with a new directorate will be useful for cost-effective and efficient policy implementation of the Ministry.  PSRU came to this conclusion having identified the gaps and challenges, as well as the opportunities to strengthen its functions in terms of clarity of objectives, coherence, priorities, roles and relationships, with other institutions of Government under its supervision.

This review has also helped to gain an increased insight into the administrative and operational functions of the Ministry, whilst also analyzed its structure and constituent departments; as well as the suitability and sustainability of the proposed directorate and units for delivering its mandate with optimum efficiency and effectiveness. PSRU was also particularly able to review key administrative procedures, communication and coordination mechanisms, work schedules, approval processes for optimum efficiency and effectiveness of the Ministry.

With a mixed method adopted, PSRU held a preliminary consultative meeting with MTA during which, the two institutions noted with keen interest the institutional challenges and concerns expressed by the leadership of the Ministry for which the proposed changes will help to addressed. Such a request is not surprising since the Ministry provide oversight, monitoring and supervisory functions to a sector that is crucial for poverty reduction, employment creation and economic development in Sierra Leone.


  • Management and Functional Review (MFR) of he Ministry of Transport and Aviation 2018 pdf (1474kb)