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Management and Functional Review of Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) Final Report August, 2021

August 31, 2021 -

Management and Functional Review Reports

Management and Functional Review of Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) Final Report August, 2021


This report presents the findings and recommendations from the Management and Functional Review (MFR) conducted by the Public Sector Reform Unit (hereinafter referred to) PSRU. This MFR process was triggered by the Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) as part of efforts to enhance its management and functional capabilities to deliver effectively on its mandate and align its operations and functions with the National Medium Term Development Framework. More specifically, the conduct of this MFR was also requested so that the institution’s Mandate, functions; organizational structure, administrative processes and procedures will be objectively and technically assessed to ascertain SLENA’s management and functional fitness and wherewithal to effectively deliver on its mandate of providing effective information and high-quality digital services delivery to the citizens of Sierra Leone.

Consistent with the MFR process, the Review Team examined the institution’s management and functional capability, organizational structure and functions and prescribed recommendations for enhanced institutional productivity and output. The review team notes that whilst SLENA has the committed leadership to contribute towards the transformation of the communication landscape of the country, there is significant room for improvement should it transition to the high performing government institution that has its operations and functions neatly aligned with the New Direction Agenda.

The MFR process started with an inaugural consultative inception meeting which the two institutions discussed and agreed on the: scope, road map, timelines and key focal person.

Additionally, this meeting enabled the Review Team to establish a baseline understanding of SLENA’s overall operations, structure and management and functional dynamics that will ensure the diagnostics is more invasive. The team is desirous for this MFR process to include field engagements that will ensure it is not only invasive, but holistic as well.

As a core outcome of the thorough review and deep-dive analysis done on SLENA’s management and functional competencies to deliver optimally on its mandate, the review team identified the undermentioned findings and recommendations.


  • Management and Functional Review of Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) Final Report August, 2021 pdf (1054kb)