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Management and Functional Review of the Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation (SLRTC) 2018

November 30, 2018 -

Management and Functional Review Reports

Management and Functional Review of the Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation (SLRTC) 2018

As part of the ongoing public sector reform agenda of the Government of Sierra Leone, the Road Transport Corporation (SLRTC) requested for a Management and Functional Review (MFR) from the Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU) through a correspondence dated 1st November 2018. This MFR was conducted by PSRU with the complimentary support of the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO), as part of a broader commitment of the leadership of SLRTC to help strengthen its management and operational function in line with the New Direction Agenda.

In essence, the decision of the new leadership of SLRTC has been to produce an MFR report with recommendations that will help to set a clear roadmap, with the ultimate goal to re-position the Corporation as the most efficient and effective public transport service entity in Sierra Leone. In line with the above, this report therefore presents the summary of the findings and recommendations with options deduced from the overall diagnostic assessment to address institutional challenges and enhance the administrative function of SLRTC; and to also particularly address the human resource deficiencies of the Corporation.

This report has also made descriptive references to the broader context of the past institutional challenges with respect to the legal framework guiding its operations, as well as the current situation pointing at issues and concern to justify the need for this review. This broaden scope of the review has ultimately helped to determine its integrated contribution as the most dependable Corporation of the transport sector of the country. With this strategic focus, PSRU has been able to provide SLRTC with options such as the change in nomenclature of the leadership from ‘General Manager’ to ‘Executive Director’, if implemented will help to remove barriers and creating functions that will make the Corporation fit for purpose in years ahead.

PSRU was able to examine the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and critical policy directive, as well as the Corporation’s ability to fully leverage partnerships. These approaches were discussed during the preliminary consultative meeting held with the leadership and Divisional Heads of SLRTC on the 1st November 2018, during which willingness with critical consciousness to administrative and functional transformation was expressed.


  • Management and Functional Review of the Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation (SLRTC) 2018 pdf (1408kb)