The Head of Programmes of the Public Sector Reform Unit, PSRU, Mr. Sulaiman Phoray-Musa, has acknowledged the transformative strides of the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion, ICPNC, which in his words can only be sustained through an interactive platform that will retrospect on the Commission’s performance.

In his statement at the five-day retreat of the ICPNC, at the Galinnese Paradise Hotel in Bo, on Tuesday 9th January, on the theme ‘’Repositioning the ICPNC for Sustainable Peace and National Cohesion’’, Mr Phoray-Musa said the theme resonates with the government’s commitment, as articulated in cluster four (4) of the New Direction Manifesto, which underscores the ‘Revamping of the Public Service Architecture’’ through professionalism, accountability and transparency. The ICPNC like any other Institution, he noted, can better function and perform to its optimum when properly re-branded, re-engineered and well repositioned.

The HoP, PSRU, Mr Sulaiman Phoray-Musa Delivering Statement at the Annual Retreat of the ICPNC in Bo City
The HoP, PSRU, Mr Sulaiman Phoray-Musa Delivering Statement at the Annual Retreat of the ICPNC in Bo City

Mr. Phoray-Musa said, in addition to the support provided by PSRU to facilitate the Retreat, PSRU is also comforted by the fact the ICPNC has requested its technical expertise for the conduct of a Management and Functional Review, to which the retreat serves as the precursor.

According to the Head of Programmes, the objectives for this year’s retreat, are:To examine and review the Commission’s performance and achievements to-date, analyze its constraints and challenges and, make recommendations on the way forward;

The retreat will also provide an opportunity for the Commission to set priorities and develop a work plan for 2024, in light of pressing national priorities of the Government; including critical pillars of the Manifesto among which are human capital development, revamping the public service architecture and Youth Employment. These according to Mr Phoray-Musa, are the fundamental foundation for PEACE AND NATIONAL COHESION.

Another objective, he said, is to provide an opportunity for the Commission to examine its internal organization as well as external communication and outreach with a view to improving on team work and bring about a better understanding of its role amongst partners, clients and the general public.

Mr Phoray-Musa said for the Commission to achieve these objectives, there should be greater coordination of all Government’s activities, combined with mechanisms to encourage greater performance and accountability amongst MDAs. He added that improving inter- and intra-sectoral coordination combined with innovative partnerships with the private sector would help to ease the binding financial constraints on GOSL and effective service delivery for all concerned.

He admonished participants to speak their minds without fear of intimidation as the retreat is an opportunity for candid reflection, open dialogue whose contributions are pivotal to the present and future functioning of the ICPNC.