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PSRU Holds Management Meeting With Ministry Of Defense On The Implementation Of The Management And Functional Review

PSRU Holds Management Meeting With Ministry Of Defense On The Implementation Of The Management And Functional Review

The Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU) meets with top management of the Ministry of Defense on the status of the recommendations contained in the Management and Functional Review and other reform initiatives.

This is the fifth Ministry the PSRU has visited as the office continues to monitor and evaluate the level of implementation of recommendations in the Management and Functional Reviews with a view to providing updates on reform initiatives while at the same time review the implementation mechanism so as to facilitate the reform process.

During the meeting, Director of PSRU Dr. Julius Sandy said the essence of the visit was to monitor the level of implementation of reform initiatives, discuss constraints and agree on the way forward.

Dr Sandy said the size of the civilian workforce in the military was a thorny issue more so as a good number of these civilian workforce do not have Pin Codes and are not regarded as part of the mainstream civil service.

He informed the meeting of the establishment of new management structures such as Change Management Teams, the Policy and Planning Units and the development of Service Charters to inform the public about the activities of the Ministry consistent with the Open Government Initiative.

The Minister of Defense, Paolo Conteh said he was very much supportive of the reform process as it will strengthen the Ministry’s capacity to deliver quality service to the nation.

The Minister said in order to ensure that the reform works, officials in the service should take responsibility of their stewardship. “Ministers are under pressure to deliver because they have signed performance contracts with His Excellency the President. He said it would be expedient for civil servants to also enter into performance contracts with government.

He expressed satisfaction that his Ministry has been recognized as taking the lead in the reform process, stating that as the Ministry of Defense, “we always want to take the lead in any development initiative in the country”. “I will give my 110% support to the PSRU as this is what I stand for”, he stressed.

He commended the PSRU for progress made in revamping the civil service.

The meeting was attended by the Director General, Chief of Defense Staff and other Senior Officials of the Ministry.