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Public Sector Reform Programme Receives Executive Clearance

Public Sector Reform Programme Receives Executive Clearance

His Excellency the President on Tuesday 21st April 2009 conveyed approval for the operationalization of a new Comprehensive Public Sector Reform Programme. The Programme, which has been jointly developed by the Government of Sierra Leone and our Development Partners evolved out of genuine concern to create a capacitated and performance-oriented Public Service, that is beneficial to both service users and service providers. This new 4-year programme:

  1. Enables Government to own and coordinate PSR in a holistic manner;
  2. Presents a framework for the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) to implement and manage public sector reform in a holistic manner;
  3. Provides a focal point at which all development partners will respond with respect to their programmes for public sector reform;
  4. Provides guidelines for the preparation of reform programmes in the public sector;
  5. Enables the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) to own, implement and manage civil service reform in a holistic manner so as to eliminate duplicity and wastage;
  6. Ensures that reform initiatives are driven by assessed needs and not supply-driven;
  7. Develops structures, systems and processes in the civil service which respond to the aspiration of the people of Sierra Leone;
  8. Capacitates Public Servants and the Public Service for increased service delivery;
  9. Enables PSRU to mobilize resources for PSR

The new programme presents a Public Sector Reform Framework that provides for managing reform in all the identified environments, namely: Civil Service, Local Government, Justice Sector, Parliamentary Service, Security Sector and sub-vented Agencies/Departments. The framework is holistic, covering among others, the following thematic areas:

  • Strategic and Structural Alignment
  • Staff, Pay and Incentives
  • Improvements in Systems and Tools
  • Capacity Building
  • Gender
  • Anti-Corruption

The Programme responds to the poor performance of the Civil Service over the years and gives a comprehensive detail of the essential requirements for a modern Civil Service, which are vital for us to meet our developmental goals. It:

  • Enhances efficiency and effectiveness in Service Delivery by right-sizing the Civil Service, by recruiting on merit, by skills development and motivation, and having satisfactory management systems including good record keeping and information technology systems.
  • Enhances Transparency & Accountability by having open and verifiable systems and processes
  • Enhances Public-Private Partnership by supporting and working with the private sector in attaining the broad objectives of the government

Further, the programme takes cognizance of recent restructuring, including the resuscitation of Local Government institutions, and provides for the human as well as the infrastructural capacity to support the reform initiatives. Finally Government wishes to commend our Development Partners particularly DFID, EC, UNDP and World Bank for their support and active participation in designing the Programme.