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RMIP improves Civil Service Payroll

RMIP improves Civil Service Payroll

The ongoing programme to improve the management of the civil service payroll reached another milestone on Thursday 5 November with the delivery of an electronic document archive system to the Human Resources Management Office (HRMO) by the Records Management Improvement Programme (RMIP).

The system is being used to scan all of the personnel records held by the office so that they can be recalled more efficiently and all changes to these documents can be tracked and managed electronically.

In addition to scanning documents, the archive system will capture and store the photographs and fingerprints of every civil servant. The images and documents will be securely stored in the database with multiple backups to insure against loss of data. Just as with the physical personnel files, access to the documents will be strictly controlled, with passwords being required to access data.

According to RMIP, once access is authorised HRMO staff will be able to recall electronic copies of documents at any PC within the HRMO network. Being able to recall a document in seconds rather than hours, without the need for the physical file will greatly improve the efficiency of the office and the security of the physical files.

Mr Ernest Surrur, Director General HRMO (right) receives the DAS equipment from Mr Muniru Kawa, Programme Manager RMIP.