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World Bank Declares Effectiveness For Us$17 Million Pay And Performance Project

World Bank Declares Effectiveness for Us$17 Million Pay and Performance Project

The International Development Association IDA has on October 23 2012, declared the Financing Agreement for the Sierra Leone Pay and Performance Project effective. In a letter addressed to the Hon. Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr. Samura Kamara, the Association expressed its approval of the evidence submitted by the Government of Sierra Leone GoSL in fulfilment of the conditions precedent to effectiveness.

The total cost of the Project is US$17m staggered in two Disbursement Categories, namely (i) Eligible Expenditure Programme (US$15m) and (ii) Technical Assistance (US$2m). As a World Bank supported Project, it will follow a sequenced and synchronized pathway, and will be implemented over a 4-year period within the Bank’s results-based financing instrument, which links disbursements to the achievement of 15 high-level targets called Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs).

The Pay and Performance Project focuses on full-scale implementation of three critical components of Government’s Public Sector Reform Programme, namely:

  1. Pay Reforms
  2. Recruitment and Staffing, and
  3. Performance management

The main objectives of the programme include:

  • Undertaking pay reforms aimed at improving the competitiveness of the Civil Service, thereby attracting, motivating and retaining competent skills for effective service delivery
  • Rationalizing staffing in the civil service by filling existing critical skills gaps through merit-based competitive recruitment, while minimizing the numbers of redundant posts and personnel in the service
  • Minimizing waste and inefficiencies by improving the integrity of the payroll and personnel records; harmonizing and strengthening pay administration and management systems; and streamlining payroll management procedures, processes and accountability mechanisms
  • Building the required capacity for driving reforms and effectively managing performance in the Civil Service
  • Introducing and implementing a robust performance management system that links rewards to productivity
  • Implementing comprehensive training and staff development programmes aimed at changing work ethics and culture while continuously upgrading capacities and skills in the public service

The Project is a joint effort between multiple institutions within Government, including the PSC, HRMO, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and other MDAs, and is coordinated by the Public Sector Reform Unit PSRU.

In fulfilment of the conditions of the Financing Agreement, and the disbursement of funds to the GoSL the PSRU has formally submitted Verification Protocols for the Year 2012 DLIs to the World Bank.