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Programme Management

Director: Mr. Abdul Kamara

Main Responsibilities

  • Assist the Chief Director in the planning, development and implementation of the Trade related programes including the ADB, EIF, ILO, UNIDO, WORLD BANK and other technical programes.
  • Serve as the Senior Negotiator for Sierra Leone on the AfricanContinental Free Trade Area Programe of the African Union
  • Work closely with other MDAs and Donor Partners in the design and development of bankable projects.
  • Work closely with other MDA and Donor Partners to develop bankable projects ES, the TFM, the DF, EIF Partner Agencies and other competent entities for the preparation of the DTIS and the DTIS Update
  • Establish and maintain working relationship with the MDA , the private sector, and civil society to ensure coordination at all stages of the EIF Country process.
  • Coordinate continuous in-country dialogue with the private sector, civil society, the Donor Facilitator, other in-country donors and EIF Agencies on trade related technical assistance to harmonize the work of the of the PMD with on-going trade related initiatives.
  • Provide Technical Guidance to the MTI for leveraging funds from donors.
  • Supervise implementation of EIF Tier 2 projects.
  • Lead on implementation of the Tier 1 capacity building plan.
  • Advise the Chief Director and SAS on PMD operational issues.
  • Report directly to the Chief Director of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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